President’s Speech

Our Value In Words

Founder & CEO Word

Towards the responsibility that we feel towards the national role and in continuous keeping pace with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, we have developed our plans through a strong strategy to contribute to achieving the highest safety standards in the manufacture of our product. Our goal is to provide our customers with a national product of high quality, and our passion is always to provide the highest specifications. We also seek to always develop our product through… An experienced work team is always looking for the highest standard technologies and we seek to strengthen our relationship with our customers and meet their expectations at all times.

Our main motto is “We make trustability.”

Mosfer Al Ajami

Our Value In Words

Executive Vice President's Word

Building long-term partnerships with agencies and institutions is a strategic approach that can help your organization expand its reach and enhance its credibility. We always identify potential partners that are compatible with the mission of our factory and that are compatible with our goals and build a long-term relationship, whether they are national or international companies. We work on a commitment to success and constantly monitor the state of the fire pump market and direct the studied strategy according to the market situation to advance the national industry.

Abdullah Al Ajami

Our Value In Words

Executive Director's Word

Fire pumps play a crucial role in fire protection systems, and advancements in technology can lead to improved safety and more efficient fire suppression. Staying up-to-date with advancements can help your organization provide better fire protection solutions. We have Team members are experts in their fields and have a deep understanding of the tasks and responsibilities associated with their roles. having spare parts readily available is essential to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of my fire pump.

Here at Toys Factory, we work for a safe pump.

Mostafa Abdul Ghani